HOA Fraud part 2 : Socal

HOA Fraud part 2

Why Park Bristol won't change until the root of the problem changes.

The root of all the major issues here is actually roots. These trees have caused great amounts of money being spent without any changes. All the board has done is fix some of the issues that the roots have caused without getting rid of the very thing that causes these issues. What occurs is the same problems over and over again. Enough with this waste of money.

Here we have an ex board member Tim still trying to control all the HOA owners and for what reasons? Why does it benefit Park Bristol to waste thousands of dollars a year on wasteful spending? What benefits does Tim and other board members get by not fixing the root of all of our major problems that occur?

Tim has stated on more than a few occasions that our property value will decreased by removing these trees. If we don't remove them and the roots that is what will cause our property value to decrease. I don't know where Tim gets this idea from because there is no truth behind what he says.

So why do we waste money large amounts of money each year on trimming these trees?

Why do these trees costs us in other ways like our gas lines, leaks caused like last November when the gas was shut off for 2 weeks.

Constant sprinklers breaking caused by the roots and costs for additional repairs that wouldn't be necessary if these trees are removed.

Multiple patio windows/doors broken by roots which have cost the HOA money especially on the first time where the board said the HOA would not pay. The HOA was taken to court and lost. 2 more times windows were broken and the last one of these not only the sliding doors were replaced but almost half of the foundation had to be removed and reset.

Roots are also effecting the pool and it's drainage and leaking . Speaking about pools.....

The disgust of our Pool service and the water quality
(bullet point)

Why does the board overpay for pool service when they don't even clean our pool? We pay per month $1,130.00 and that doesn't include the cost of chemicals. So here is the complaints.

Found dead possum in the pool skimmer. The person who maintains the pool didn't remove it, didn't check or clean the skimmer. It was removed by Alejandro.
No protocol for this occurred. The proof is because our pool was shut down by the city for low chlorine levels. The protocol for a dead animal is a chlorine shock, links are listed below just in case Steve the board member who cleans pools tries to protest this. If a shock had occurred then the city wouldn't have shut down the pool because our chlorine levels would have been high enough. The city doesn't even know about the dead possum if they did what might have happened?
The pool maintenance doesn't even clean the pool. I swam on a Monday and saw clumps of hair in the pool. The pool person came on Tuesday to clean and Wednesday I saw the same clumps of hair in the pool. The pool was closed by the city on Wednesday.



When will we use common sense and start to save money as well as pay Alejandro a better salary?

There is no reason why Alejandro is brought in house.
Our insurance covers independent contractors (1099) so that excuse can't be used
We over pay the company that employees him
We could give him a $500 raise and still save over 35K per year (why isn't this happening)
We have an independent contractor working on doing jobs at PB and this man has been accused of sexual misconduct and from his own mouth admitted he's racist. (proof from a homeowner) Why do we still employ him. So we reward a person who has had the police called on him for sexual misconduct and admitted racism with work but we can't bring Alejandro in house.
Alejandro goes above and beyond his job description, This is a man who has chased and confronted people trying to break in to cars and homes.
Our board gives him a lousy $50 gift card from target every year as our appreciation, what a joke.

What benefits do certain board members get by keeping this landscaping company employed while wasting thousands of dollars each month by not bringing Alejandro in house?

Side note: I have donated to Alejandro multiple tools for landscaping. So if someone was going to use the excuse of the costs of equipment because the company owns it that won't excuse won't work. I have more but more equipment I would give him not the HOA but why should I when certain board members past and present don't do anything to better our community but act like they do great work to better this place.

Why do we allow a racist bully to still serve on the board. This man has never had to run against any one for a board seat.

Steve Farkas is a racist bully just look at the video of a resident that has lived here longer than Steve has. See how Steve treats him? Not to mention all of the slander he has said about 2 home owners who actually care about Park Bristol (one of them is myself)

Threatens residents with baseball bat on more than one occasion
Steals PB campaign flyers from doors
Late night door to door letters of lies and slander about HOA members running for board
Violates our governing documents about elections
Threatens elderly former HOA owner who has mental illness
Rigs election by having HOA owner run then after a month quits the board. This has happened twice.

Why is this man still on the board? He has no business serving this community. He has never had to run against anyone EVER yet he states that about others running. He is a HUGE liability to this community by being on this board.